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As a physician myself, and after helping THOUSANDS of international graduates match with their dream US residencies, I’ve seen it all

  • Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the super competitive US residency matching system
  • Maybe you didn’t get perfect scores in school, or are worried you have red flags on your application
  • Maybe you’re worried it’s been “too long” since you graduated
  • Maybe you’re scared your personal statement won’t be good enough, or feel intimidated by the interview process

If this sounds (a little too) familiar, then IMG Roadmap®️ is for YOU, my friend.

Whether you’re an American who graduated from an international medical school, or you’re a foreign graduate, I promise you, you can do this. Here’s how I know…

I myself am originally from Cameroon. I had a dream of practicing medicine in the United States, but I was initially rejected by the only medical school in my home country.

I learned the hard way that not all international med school programs are created equal. I had to pivot, then pivot again, until I stumbled upon a path into the United States medical school system. (A “plan” I do not recommend!)

I joke that I was “broke, busted, and disgusted” living in a 200-square-foot apartment in a rough part of Chicago. I started my application process without a plan or strategy, had tons of errors in my personal statement, and had no idea about how internships could influence my application.

Not only did I have many red flags that were easily avoided, but I was also dealing with the emotional and mental turmoil of being an immigrant in the United States.

Fast Forward: I was able to network effectively and got accepted into a residency program that appreciated my background. After becoming Chief Resident in my residency, I got an inside look into what makes a successful resident application…

I started to ask myself: What can I do to make this process easier on other people??

The IMG Roadmap®️ is the EXACT program I wish I’d had to guide me through the daunting process of applying and matching to US medical residencies (without going crazy or losing hope)!
Grab your seat before the doors close!

“I wanted to share the good news, I matched into a categorical IM program in New York!...

The change you made where you spoke about the IMG mindset left a huge impact on me. I believe that’s what made the difference in my enthusiasm in attempting to reapply for residency.

I took your advice about publishing and was able to publish an abstract at the ASN last October and obtained a 1-month observership. 

I believe what you taught us is invaluable. Thanks for everything!”

-Domonic Archer

Domonic Archer Testimonial

The IMG Roadmap®️ course was the best decision I made in my residency journey. I wasn't sure whether it would help me initially, but as weeks went by, all the advice and suggestions Dr. Lum provided during the course proved to be extremely helpful in enhancing my profile. The mindset and networking portions of the program were most valuable for me. It changed my perspective on how I saw myself as a candidate and motivated me to proactively seek mentorship. Dr. Lum promptly responded to all my questions, not just during the course but throughout the application season as well. Thank you so much for your help and support, Dr. Lum!"

-Dr. Neha Balachandra

Matched Internal Medicine

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn inside the IMG Roadmap®️:

The IMG Roadmap®️ course is broken into six modules….

  1. MINDSET: Owning your red flags, understanding your value, overcoming “imposter syndrome”, and moving forward with confidence!
  2. REJECTION-PROOF NETWORKING: How to network in such a way that you attract mentors, sponsors, and colleagues who can help you get to where you want to go faster!
  3. BUILD A STRATEGIC LIST OF PLACES TO APPLY: Don’t waste money applying to programs that are unlikely to accept you! Invest your application dollars with intention by creating a list of programs that fit YOU. In other words, make sure you’re barking up the right tree!
  4. HOW TO WRITE A MAGNETIC PERSONAL STATEMENT: Learn to use your unique story to write a personal statement that gets program directors reading your essay from top to bottom! Plus, see examples of successful personal statements that landed IMG Roadmap®️ alumni in their dream residencies.
  5. GATHER LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: Learn to seek, find, and secure LOR’s that produce favorable results! Understand what to skip, who to pursue, and how to request an LOR in a way that psychologically influences the letter writer to support you. Included in the course: access to our LOR portal!
  6. HOW TO PACKAGE YOURSELF AS THE PERFECT CANDIDATE! The most valuable module of all… Walk through how to fill out each form field of the application, step by step. First, get clear on how to best represent yourself, present your work competitively on ERAS, learn what experiences to include (or leave out!) on your application, and triage opportunities so you can do what matters most to you down the road.

In short: Learn to represent yourself as the physician you’ve been working hard to become so you can match with your dream US residency!

Example Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1: How to Cultivate a Mindset of Success & Defeat Imposter Syndrome
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2: How to Network, Find Observer-ships and the Value of USCE (United States Clinical Experience)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3: How To Find IMG Friendly Programs (& Increase Your Chance of Matching)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4: How To Write a Coercive Personal Statement.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 5: How to Obtain Stellar Letters of Recommendation (LOR).
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 6: How To Study For The USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination).
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 7: How to Fill Out Your Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) Form.
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Outro: What To DO Next to Create YOUR MEDICAL SUCCESS Story?
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS: Residency Interview Preparation For IMG's
Available in days
days after you enroll
  BONUS: Still MD Audiobook
Available in days
days after you enroll
  REPLAY Videos of Live Sessions and Office Hours
Available in days
days after you enroll
As an IMG Roadmap®️ student, you’ll also get access to a huge library of BONUSES like…
  • Email templates
  • Downloadable “Cheat Sheets”
  • “Swipe files” of example applications
  • Networking prompts for meetings, conferences, and events
  • Sponsorship/mentorship request email templates
  • Personal statement vault of prior applicants
  • LoR Templates
  • A copy of Dr. Lum’s audiobook, “Still MD”

Want more (even more) details? Watch the video: What is the IMG Roadmap®️ Course?

Dr. Damien Sighaka

Matched IM in 2023

“I took this course as an old IMG: 10 years post graduation and I did not do any training/residency in between. My scores were not impressive and my odds were not the best but I followed the instructions from this course and most importantly, I dared to believe with absolute confidence that I would reach my goal. This course gave me the tools and it was up to me to use them. Dr. Lum has been available whenever we were set to meet and always brought some fresh and inspiring new information on top of what was already in the course. She remained available for those who did not succeed and offered different options depending on everyone’s needs. Truly recommended!!!”

Everything you need to get ready for September…

How Dr. Lum and the IMG Roadmap®️ can help you match with your dream residency:

  • THE IMG ROADMAP®️ COURSE: 6 “teaching sessions” where you’ll learn absolutely everything you need to get you ready for September!
  • LIVE TEACHING SESSIONS: Available only in April and June, you have the option to join Dr. Lum for “teaching sessions” on the weekly topic, then again for mid-week “office hours” (Q&A on anything from the course).

The journey to a surgical match as an IMG is quite lonesome with a lot of setbacks. The most positive aspect about the course was the mindset modules that really changed my way of thinking and approaching. Moreover, the IMG Roadmap®️ was very helpful as the course is available till the candidate matches. Additionally, Dr. Lum gives very objective and customized feedbacks with a broader perspective, which is very helpful in Interview Prep."

-Dr. Shruthi Rajkumar

Matched General Surgery

Dr. Lum is the best coach out there especially for IMGs. She is very passionate about what she does and you can see it through the way she pushes us. You can tell it's something she is equipped for as someone who has gone through this same process and has held the hands of countless others. She tells you how it is but always leaves you with the message that it is possible. She is very patient with answering any questions/concerns we have throughout the season.

The course is very useful as it makes you prepared. Even before the ERAS season opens, roadmappers are already networking, drafting their PS, putting together a CV. It helps to reduce the uncertainty of the process at least on your part as an applicant because for each month, you know what to do. Even after the course has ended, we still have monthly live meetings. It does not get better than this."

-Dr. Miracle Eke

Matched Internal Medicine

OK, I’m really excited! How much is the investment?

Inside the IMG Roadmap®️ course, you’re getting access to:
  • A full course on mindset & confidence ($1000 value)
  • A full course on networking ($1000 value)
  • A full course on strategically picking programs most likely to accept you ($1000 value)
  • A full course on writing a standout personal statement ($1500 value)
  • A full course on gathering LOR’s that produce favorable results, including an LOR portal ($1500 value)
  • A full course on “personal branding” that shows you not only how to fill out every single step inside your residency applications, but also how to best represent yourself as the reliable physician you’ve worked so hard to become! ($2000 value)

Not to mention high-value bonuses and downloads worth over $2,000 like:
  • Email templates
  • Swipe files
  • LOR templates
  • Personal statement library
  • And MORE!

While valued at over $10,000(!!!), you can access the IMG Roadmap®️ for a one-time payment of $597 (save $9,403 by paying all at once)

Dr. Thierry-Martial Tchiengue

Matched in FM

"I like the fact that even though it was a live course, we still have parts that were self paced. Dr. Lum is very open and shared real examples that help me connect and persevere despite adversity. I like the fact that as a learner, I was reminded of important aspects of the application to pay close attention to throughout the season even before application started until Match Day! I matched in FM despite having a low step 1 score and being an old graduate."

"I am so glad I joined this program. Being able to learn how to make myself a competitive applicant and being in a community of doctors with the same goal to match was incredibly important in empowering me through this process. I graduated 4 years ago, had 1 publication, and felt my chances were slim. As cliche as it seems, changing my mindset as Dr Lum encourages from the get-go made all the difference, and gave me the confidence to power through it!"

-Dr. Tatiana Habet

Matched Internal Medicine

Other Frequently Asked Questions:

How long will I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, every single resource inside the IMG Roadmap®️ is yours from now until the moment you match!

Can I join if I’m a first or second year medical student?

I think the perfect time to join this program is early in medical school! This allows you enough time to design the medical student career that you want, leading up to matching strategically with your dream residency down the road.

What if I’m an “Old Grad”?

Absolutely! I’ve had students who saw success even after graduating up to 13 years ago! Your age and your year of graduation shouldn’t hold you back. In fact, you can leverage your expertise and experience as an “older grad” into landing your dream residency.

Will I get personalized help with my application?

While 1:1 help is not included in the IMG Roadmap®️ course, if you feel you need one-on-one help with your application, I’ve got you covered! You can either opt to join this LIVE teaching component with office hours and weekly lessons (this only happens for six weeks in April and June), or you can learn more about 1:1 coaching with me here.

What is the success rate of this program? How do I know this will help me match?

Watch my answer to this question HERE:

This isn’t just about “matching”…this is about taking charge of the trajectory of your life.

If you hear nothing else, hear this:

It doesn’t matter how many “red flags” you have.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long ago you graduated.

It doesn’t matter if English is your first language or not.

If you come to this program with a willingness to leave imposter syndrome behind and step fully into your power, you can positively impact NOT ONLY your own medical career, but the health and wealth of future generations of your family.

You, my friend, are worth the investment. I’m so excited to witness your journey.

Grab your seat before the doors close!

Investment options: