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Coming April 19th 2020

“I didn’t match last year. I took the IMG Roadmap course out of desperation and within no time, I realized Dr. Lum is an amazing, guiding light for anyone in medicine. Before I finished I’d landed an additional externship right near my home - extremely thankful and HIGHLY recommended!”

- Sri K

“I highly recommend the IMG Roadmap program because Dr. Lum provides knowledge of what is needed to be a successful IMG applicant. Being an IMG and visa applicant, with her guidance I can apply with confidence in hopes of matching. This program does not guarantee actually matching, but her techniques, tips, and guidance throughout the process set me apart from other IMGs that don’t have her expertise. She ensures her program is efficient by answering all the questions presented to her and delivering news that is beneficial to an IMG"

- Zaheeda Hosein


"An amazing mentor to have. Dr. Lum is, kind, generous and I hope to pay it forward one day once I'm on the other side! Thanks again for allowing me to be a part of the course as well as so thankful to find the externship opportunities you have to offer. Thank you again!"

- CP


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