Visa Issues & tools for the non-US IMG.

Everything you need to know about my F-1, B-1/B-2, H-1B, J-1 visas and beyond!

How Dr. Lum Overcame Her Visa Issues ...

sharing so you can learn from it, do the right thing and make it work for you!

Non-US IMG's have a tougher time getting into residency compared to their US counterparts.

Oftentimes despite your intelligence and accomplishments, the visa requirement becomes a hindrance to your pathway to training or practicing in the USA.

I experienced this first hand; been through every type of non-immigrant training and work visa there is I came out on the other side to thrive in my career as a hospitalist and Chief Quality Officer (hospital administrator).

In this series, I share my journey so you can learn:

- How to reduce educational gaps due to frequent travel and interruptions

- How to eliminate your stress by doing the legally correct thing

- How to remain academically competitive with US-IMG's and US graduate counterparts

- How the system creates alternatives for people like us with visa issues

- All about the coveted permanent US residency and how I got MINE!

I have put this together to share with you AT NO COST!

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Disclaimer: this is not legal advice and should not replace legal counsel and personal research.

Your Instructor

Dr. Nina LUM
Dr. Nina LUM

But Who Am I?

Why Am I Qualified To Teach This?

Iā€™m Dr. Lum, a board certified in Family Medicine physician and upon residency graduation I was Chief Resident at The University of Kentucky Rural Track/St. Claire Regional program in 2015.

In 2012, though a Cameroonian citizen, I obtained my Doctor of Medicine from a Caribbean medical school; The University for Sint Eustatius, Netherlands Antilles.

Between 2016 and 2018, I worked with US medical students as a community-based preceptor for third and fourth-year medical students of LMU-DCOM out of Tennessee.

As one of the original co-authors of the best selling medical anthology "The Chronicles of Women In White Coats". I blog at and where my challenges as an IMG led me to be a self-acclaimed educational coach for International Medical Graduates affectionately known as IMG's.

As a non-US IMG, and based on my arduous life experiences with assimilating into the American medical system, I help IMG's to achieve success through group and personalized coaching. To reduce bias with my proposed methods, I conglomerate experiences from multiple IMG's on my website ( and podcast (The IMG Roadmap Podcast) known as "The IMG Roadmap Series". My book "Still MD: Two Physician's Advice for International Medical Students & Graduates" has helped IMG's with success blueprints for our unique pathway.

This coaching program was developed to fill a void based on the overwhelming demand for information pertinent to successful international/foreign medical graduates.

You can find me on Instagram @drninalum.

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